Ensure Professional Call Handling with Physician Answering Service Software

Medical answering services rely on 1Call software to help provide skillful call handling for their physicians.

Physician Answering Service Software

Physician answering service software gives operators complete access to all of the information and resources required to handle patient calls, take messages, and deliver messages to any type of device.

On-call scheduling, beeper paging, billing statistics, call patching, speed dialing, and customizable physician information pages are supplementary tools that enable medical answering services to provide a comprehensive, after-hours answering service solution for their physicians.

  • Multiple call handling reduces wait time for callers.
  • Operators have instant access to all information.
  • Custom Scripts for each physician ensure you receive all the necessary information.
  • Simplified message taking and dispatching.
  • Easy-to-follow screen layout speeds call processing.
  • Physicians can pick up messages in whatever method is most convenient, including e-mail, miSecureMessages secure messaging app, and phone.
  • Managers can access reports and historical call management data.

Find out how our physician answering service software helps you to reduce call answering and transferring times, improve operator training times, lessen staff errors, and lower labor costs.

Medical Answering Service

A medical answering service can meet the call handling needs of all of their physicians, and function as a virtual lobby when a patient calls, with the help of physician answering service software.

Operators can answer multiple calls with ease and handle them on a priority basis. All of the needed information is presented as soon an operator connects, ensuring professional call handling, and allowing agents to give callers requested information, take messages, contact the correct on-call physician, and more.

Virtual Answering Service

Web-based virtual answering service software can turn any personal computer into a professional physician answering service workstation, accessible via the Internet or local intranet.

Medical answering services can grow their business without adding additional hardware, which saves time and money because less equipment needs to be maintained. Communication systems can easily be scaled to operate in a virtual server environment or in the cloud.