Operator Console and Call Center Software

Improve hospital call center workflows to enhance patient care and satisfaction using database-driven call scripts so critical communications are fast and reliable.

Operator Consoles

1Call’s Web Agent and Soft Agent operator consoles use our highly interoperable contact center software to reduce call times through advanced technologies that eliminate operator keystrokes, improve call metrics for hospital call centers of any size, and are optimized for healthcare call processing of critical calls to ensure that critical calls are prioritized.

Our operator consoles can turn any desktop, laptop, or tablet into a professional operator station for agents who work from home. All of the information and tools agents need to complete each call can be made available on-screen so critical communications are streamlined and accurate. This results in increased operator efficiency and reduced errors which leads to better service and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Call flows and workflows are streamlined based upon call type and skill level of available agents. Our software can route calls to operators who have been trained to handle particular call types. For example, some operators are adept at handling code calls, while others are skilled with coordinating patient transfer calls.

Even the look and function of the attendant console is customizable. Different health enterprise locations or departments can use customized colors or layouts to aid in reducing communication errors. Individual operators can personalize and adjust their color preferences to reduce eyestrain and fatigue.

Operator training can be done quickly and easily using prompts, lookups, and navigation that can be customized and built into database-driven call scripts that automatically guide them through complex care calls.

Enhance patient experience, reduce operator training times, lessen staff errors, and reduce labor costs using our Operator Consoles.

Web Agent and Soft Agent

Our next generation, call-handling application, Web Agent, is a web browser-based telephone agent interface that offers simplified installation and maintenance–which is especially helpful for remote operators. Web Agent is compatible with most modern web browsers and features a completely customizable agent experience that enables hospital call center operators to process multi-channel calls on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Web Agent can perform directory searches, scripted messaging, and dispatching, and provide access to call log recordings, web content, and on-call schedules.

The Soft Agent interface is a scalable application that can also turn any personal computer into fully-functional, professional operator station. Soft Agent can be integrated with both hard-wired legacy systems and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Voice Over IP (VoIP) networks, and features intuitive call flow navigation to easily guide operators through each call using scripts. The intuitive design of our Soft Agent scripting feature makes it perfect for both small healthcare organizations and large hospital enterprises.

Benefits of Web Agent and Soft Agent include:

  • Delivers a fast ROI.
  • Reduces errors.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity which leads to a better patient experience.
  • Consolidates and improves processes.
  • Speeds call processing.
  • Ensures professional call handling.
  • Provides accurate information.
  • Includes a detailed reporting analytics.
  • Allows customization to meet call handling needs.

Better Solutions. Better Critical Communications.

1Call's latest advancement in our long line of contact center solutions provides an all-inclusive healthcare call center software suite. Features such as multi-channel integrations with enhanced call processing help you prioritize critical calls, along with built-in speech recognition, text to speech, and voice services to improve call routing and management. Keep metrics with customizable reporting, enhance accountability with call logging and video screen capture, connect remote agents, and manage on-call scheduling.

Hospital call centers can also take advantage of running our latest software in a virtual server environment or in the cloud. Virtual servers allow call centers to grow without adding additional hardware, and cloud deployment moves the call center platform to a cloud provider which shifts the responsibility for server management to the cloud provider. A virtual server environment also saves time and money for organziations because less equipment needs to be maintained. Large healthcare systems with multiple hospitals, clinics, and call centers can run on a single virtual server located anywhere in the country – even if they all use different PBX telephone systems.

Call Management

Effective call management saves time and labor costs. 1Call’s automatic greetings, voice-activated menu navigation, and directory assistance technology can efficiently assist callers before they even speak with a live operator. Automated queue announcements inform callers of the estimated time it will take for their call to be answered and offer a choice to hold or be called back via caller ID or another number. Some customers report they have reduced the number of calls an operator receives by up to 40%.

When connecting to a live operator, some solutions incorporate artificial intelligence, use caller data and behavior to predict the needs of the caller, auto-fill information, and present that information to the operator to expedite calls.

Additional tools that improve call flows include text-to-speech and speech recognition software, secure messaging that enables clinical personnel to contact each other without involving an operator, and smart check-in that gives medical staff control to change their status and contact preferences. These tools are also web and mobile-enabled.

Secure Messaging App

Our miSecureMessages secure messaging app is used by clinical personnel to send texts, photos, videos, and audio files for care team coordination. Medical office staff the desktop version of the app when contacting medical staff who are on-call. Hospital call center operators use miSecureMessages with Web Agent or Soft Agent to send messages to physicians, in accordance with their contact preferences. The app works seamlessly with our operator consoles, and features reporting, analytics, and message receipts to keep staff accountable, as well as protect the hospital organization should a question arise about on-call communication. 

On-Call Scheduling

Contacting the appropriate on-call staff, using the correct contact method, via the device of their choosing can be time-consuming if operators have outdated information. Accurate and accessible on-call scheduling information is paramount for providing better patient care. Our software saves time and reduces errors by:

  • Notifying managers in advance about unfilled schedules.
  • Adding on-call schedules to personal and mobile calendars.
  • Providing separate schedules by location/department/specialty to reduce errors.
  • Providing automated, real-time updates.
  • Seamlessly integrating with other workforce scheduling software.

Proactive Risk Management Through Reporting

Hospital call center staff can create quality assurance reports and other customized reports to help run a more efficient call center. With 1Call’s reporting dashboard, managers can review real-time graphical information regarding all aspects of call handling. The reporting dashboard can be configured to display the information most important to the call center such as current call types, average time to answer, operators, waits, and more.