Our Web-Based Hospital Personnel Directory Provides Accurate and Updated Information

With 1Call’s employee directory software solution, healthcare call center operators have everything they need to communicate clear and concise critical messages to staff.

Hospital Personnel Directory

In healthcare, getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time, can be life-saving. Critical contact information needs to be correct and easily accessible so operators can help medical staff provide the best patient care. Supervisors and administrators need a reliable directory that can be updated quickly.
Directories simplify and enhance this process by providing:

  • Operator and web-based access to all personnel directory information.
  • Enhanced visual display with graphics and web content.
  • Single point of entry for all directory, contact, and on-call information, using a single source of truth (SSOT) structure so that data is kept in only one place. Any edits to the data are made at the "source of truth" location, and ensures those updates propagate to the entire system without duplication.
  • Unlimited expansion capabilities.
  • Easy import of data to directories to minimize time spent on data entry.

Learn how our directories can help you with contact methods, on-call scheduling, dispatching, accurate transferring, referrals, and more.

Personnel Directory Software

Our operator console uses a hospital personnel directory to expand the type of information that can be stored without switching screens or pressing buttons. Personnel directory software enables operators to view all contact, status, and on-call information via a single window. Supervisor set up is also performed on a single screen where all of the information for a contact can be entered or imported at once.

Operators viewing the personnel directory can quickly see detailed information about staff members, contact information, preferred contact methods, on-call schedules, referral information and virtually any information a hospital might require.

Information in a hospital personnel directory can include an unlimited amount of data such as:

  • Names and contact information.
  • Office locations.
  • Photos and maps.
  • Directions.

Supervisors and other staff that have permission, can create and/or access multiple directories such as:

  • Staff and physicians.
  • Patients (with automatic, real-time updates on patient admissions, discharges, and transfers).
  • Hospital Incident Command System.
  • Classes, policies/procedures, and codes.

On-Call Directories

Directory information is stored in a single location to allow agents to view all directory, contact, status and on-call information from one screen. Directories are accessible to everyone via web-based access, and security can be enabled to protect sensitive information.

Hospital Personnel Directories

Physician and staff directories contain on-call and contact methods that can be part of a master directory for the healthcare organization or the directories can be organized departmentally. 

Patient Directories

Patient information directories are available to telephone operators and authorized hospital personnel. ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) information is available on a real-time basis and is imported into the patient information directory from the EMR using an HL7 real time data import tool. 

Web-Based Personnel Directory

Our miTeamWeb app uses a web-based hospital personnel directory that allows hospital staff to contact each other – such as a physician reaching out to another physician for care coordination. Managers and system administrators can determine the scope and depth of information that is required, and provide staff with as much, or as little information as they need. 

Operator Script Integration

Our personnel directory software can be integrated with our call center scripting to automatically bring information operators need from directories into message fields. Scripts can be programmed to pull information from directory fields and perform single field or multi-field searches – such as searching for contact information by on-call Contact Roles and dispatch using specific Contact Methods based on a person’s status.

Upgrade or Switch to a New Directory

Most healthcare organizations are, understandably, concerned about the amount of data that needs to be transferred to switch or upgrade to a new directory. We use our Intelligence Series (IS) Transformer tool to make that process much simpler and less time consuming. Watch the video below for a quick explanation and contact us today for more information.