Enhance Your Hospital Paging System

Easily integrate 1Call’s operator console and miSecureMessages to provide smart paging and secure paging options to your staff.

Hospital Paging System

Paging is an important part of a healthcare organization’s communication process. On-call physicians and personnel need to be paged for simple tasks as well as for emergency situations. Integrating 1Call’s operator console with a hospital’s paging system, greatly improves critical communications in healthcare areas that are designed to block wireless technologies. This combination provides superior in-building coverage and penetrates areas inaccessible to current cellular technology, such as radiology labs and deep basements.

1Call’s call center software supports all paging types and integrates with on-site and off-site paging terminals. This allows hospitals and their staff to communicate through various paging options including on-call, SMS text messaging, browser, and instant automated smart paging.

Ask us how our software and apps can integrate with your paging system to help provide fast, reliable, communication to improve care coordination and workflows.

Smart Paging

Smart paging saves time and makes it easier to send messages to hospital staff, because it uses the individual’s current on-call status to ensure the message is sent in the preferred method. There is no need to waste valuable time looking up a staff member or contacting an operator for assistance.

Messages can be sent by multiple methods, including e-mail, SMS text messaging, paging (TAP, SNPP, and WCTP), and miSecureMessages - 1Call’s secure two-way smart device communications app.

Secure Paging

The miSecureMessages secure messaging app, seamlessly integrates with 1Call’s operator console and other call systems, to enhance traditional paging by providing a two-way, secure HIPAA-compliant messaging option for secure paging. Clinicians can send photo, video, audio files, and texts containing PHI, securely to other staff members using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.