Keep Patient ePHI Confidential with Our Encrypted Texting App

miSecureMessages is a secure healthcare solution and HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging app used and trusted by care teams to send secure texts, photos, videos, and audio files. 

Encrypted Texting App

Mobile messaging is critical for managing hospital workflows and keeping electronic protected health information (ePHI) confidential. miSecureMessages is an integral part of 1Call’s secure healthcare solutions and functions as a secure messaging platform that is easy to use and meets the strict HIPAA security standards for healthcare organizations.

miSecureMessages is a stand alone app that can also seamlessly integrate with 1Call’s software, or existing hospital technology and electronic medical record (EMR) platforms from other vendors to send secure texts, photos, videos, and audio files. Non-clinical staff can also use the encrypted texting app for maintenance requests, improve communication for fast patient room turnover, and in the hospital call center. 

Learn how our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app can replace your outdated pagers, improve on-call communications, streamline care team coordination, and integrate with your nurse call system to receive notifications faster.

Secure Heathcare Solution

Securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Healthcare organizations that use email and SMS consumer apps to send messages about patients risk HIPAA-related fines. Regular SMS or text messages are stored on mobile devices and can be viewed by a third party. The miSecureMessages mobile messaging app was developed for hospitals and clinics and meets security standards for healthcare organizations.

A few safety features include:

  • Fingerprint or face recognition access technology and/or unique passcodes.
  • Messages are not stored on the device.
  • Remote disabling (if device is lost or stolen).

"We started looking at all the tools that were available on the market, and there were literally hundreds of them. We created a vendor comparison grid and a team of people to look at all these products. miSecureMessages met all the requirements on our grid."

Kathy Mealer
IS Manager, West Tennessee Healthcare

Mobile Messaging

Healthcare is mobile and message security is paramount for texts that include ePHI. A secure mobile messaging app like miSecureMessages keeps a healthcare organization compliant when sharing information on mobile devices. Benefits include:

  • End-to-end message encryption ensures all communications are secure and protected.
  • Devices can be consolidated through the miSecureMessages app so that all correspondence can be from a smartphone - there’s no need for a pager.
  • The encrypted texting app is simple to use, available for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and is customizable.
  • This secure healthcare solution sends massive amounts of data quickly and accurately while keeping you firmly connected through WiFi and cellular networks.
  • A voice-to-text mode (users can speak a message into their device and it automatically converts into text). 
  • Persistent alert settings ensure important messages won’t be missed.
  • A message log keeps track of messaging histories and administrators have access to a full reporting function.
  • miSecureMessages seamlessly integrates with on-call scheduling so you can quickly contact or review on-call staff.