Fast and Accurate Communications for Emergency Notifications and Critical Alerts

Hospitals around the world trust 1Call’s emergency notification system as part of their Emergency Response Management protocol. 

Emergency Notifications

Emergency management in a hospital setting is complicated. Many types of emergency situations can confront hospital staff and response time is critical. Seconds matter and so do the number of clicks it takes to send out emergency notifications to multiple contacts and devices. 

1Call’s reliable notification system helps to reduce response times using automated notifications to communicate critical alerts. Our notification software integrates with the existing technology used by hospitals to streamline emergency alert systems - helping hospitals ensure that every resource, from the most advanced piece of medical equipment to essential personnel, is utilized for quick emergency response.

Discover how we can help your healthcare organizations with reliable, fast notifications for emergencies, events, changes in weather, or for everyday reminders.

Notification System

Automated notifications and reminders empower healthcare organizations to create new efficiencies while improving the quality and consistency of each interaction. Hospitals can reach more people in less time, while significantly reducing their communications-related costs. Our notification system can be used for emergencies, events, changes in weather, or for everyday reminders. 

Features of our notification solution include:

  • Advance planning of notifications.
  • Fast notifications.
  • Built-in security.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Flexible notification options.
  • Recipients can be notified via SMS text messaging, email, pagers, automated phone calls to landlines or cell phones, fax, or smartphones and tablets.

Critical Alerts

MergeComm is 1Call’s integration engine and event notification software system designed specifically to merge and expedite enterprise-wide critical alerts in healthcare environments. MergeComm captures requests from hospital systems, such as ADT messages, nurse call messages, alerts, alarms, orders, and appointments, then our emergency notification software instantly sends those messages to the designated recipients using a wide variety of methods, including Vocera badges, IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, SMS, e-mail, 1Call’s miSecureMessages HIPAA-compliant encrypted messaging app, and more.

With MergeComm, the notifications are automated and based on configurable rules so they can be customized to fit a hospital’s needs. MergeComm can send notifications via preferred contact methods to an individual, an entire group, or the current on-call personnel, using 1Call’s on-call scheduling module. This enables recipients to respond quickly to provide better patient care. 

All statistics are accumulated for each notification, providing an easy-to-follow audit trail for reporting purposes, as well as to help your organization refine your communication processes throughout your entire enterprise.

Red Alert Mass Group Notifications

Red Alert is a web-based and mobile friendly solution that enables hospitals and clinics to quickly and accurately notify the appropriate personnel for code calls, emergency situations, staffing shortages, network service outages, housekeeping, patient transport, as well as non-emergency reminders for staff about upcoming meetings and events.

Several security levels are used for system administrators, including passcode access into the system, and permission levels. Recipients can be required to enter a lookup ID and passcode, helping ensure your notifications remain secure. If a recipient does not confirm that an alert was received, Red Alert can escalate from one contact method to another and from one person, or group, to another.

Group notifications can be delivered as emails, secure messages (such as 1Call’s HIPAA-compliant miSecureMessages app), SMS text messages, automated phone calls to cell phones and landlines, pages, or via a fax.