The Newest Way to Bridge the Communications Gap

Need to call 40 different people? Then you need our conference bridge.

Conference Bridge

When healthcare organizations use their existing telephony, the Conference Bridge solution from 1Call is a  powerful, multi-party conferencing resource, complete with premium voice quality. Conference Bridge is a resource that no hospital should be without. By utilizing 1Call’s Conference Bridge solution, hospitals can save up to 30% on phone line usage fees for conference calls.

Discover how our conference bridge can keep you connected to more employees to improve communication and collaboration.

Setting up conference calls is extremely easy, saving time for your staff, and eliminating expensive conference call set-up and phone line usage fees. With each conference call that is created, your healthcare organization will save significant costs. Conference Bridge allows you to connect as many as 40 different parties in a single conference call, depending on your specific system configuration and available telephone lines.

Conference Bridge features include:

  • Easy attendee access.
  • Simplified access for moderators.
  • Numerous conference options.
  • Convenient conference web interface.