Call Metrics Provide Healthcare Organizations with Crucial Data

Call analytics from Active Insights improves workflows and enhances the patient experience. 

Medical call centers are the communication hubs for hospitals and clinics. Communicating with medical staff, patients, community members, and other health systems generates a lot of data. These call analytics data can be measured and interpreted to provide a better patient experience.

The Active Insights platform provides access to 1Call’s collection of cloud-based products. Use Active Insights to automatically rate calls using customized scoring scripts for various calls, such as code calls, patient transfer, and physician answering services. Get detailed statistics, an overview of all calls, and review any specific calls to hear and see precisely what happened. The Active Insights platform provides fast and easy development and deployment and is accessible using the secure Active Insights web portal in any compatible web browser.

Call metrics are run as needed in real-time or scheduled to execute hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly on specified days and times. Various service metrics can be leveraged to streamline agent workflows, improve operator performance, and contribute to a frictionless patient experience. When a patient isn’t on hold because enough operators have been scheduled during peak times or when callers consistently receive excellent service, it leads to satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty.

Data from contact centers can also help protect both patients and hospitals in litigious situations. Calls, messages, screen capture images, and more can be recorded, tracked, time-stamped, stored, and recalled if an interaction needs supporting documentation.

Learn how Active Insights provides you with useful data to improve operator performance, to know when you need to schedule more staff for busier times, and to help you run an efficient call center.

Active Insights

The Active Insights Dashboard, shown below, displays statistics for calls that match various custom search criteria. These statistics can help you determine the areas where your service excels and where it could be improved. The Dashboard widgets display statistics such as the average time to answer a call, the average call duration, and the percentage of calls that were answered within an acceptable time range.

You can access recordings and details associated with stored calls via the Active Insights web portal to generate call transcripts from call recordings, view call service statistics, and edit call-scoring scripts.

View helpful statistics to assess the quality of service provided by your agents.

Call Information

The Call Log is used to access a Call Information page for each stored call. The Call Log shows a complete list of stored calls, with filters to help you quickly find:

• Calls with a specific agent, client, or Caller ID number
• Calls of a certain duration or answer time
• Calls taken in recent hours and days
• Calls with transcripts or messages containing keywords

Hear exactly what happened on calls, view the screen recording, and review the automated scores for calls. Specific call information and transcription are included.

Agent Assistant

The Agent Assistant is an optional feature for the Web Agent application that utilizes the Active Insights platform to help determine the optimal way to route calls based on prior call history. The Agent Assistant uses the caller’s ANI (Caller ID number) to provide agents with information about the call history associated with the ANI, including the date and time of the last call from the number and the name of the agent who handled the call.

Analyze Specific Calls

Each stored call includes a Call Information page which makes it possible to:

• Assess call and screen capture recordings alongside informative graphs
• View Post Call Scores generated by Active Insight Post Call Scoring scripts
• Browse associated message summaries and access details for each message
• View call events and call details
• Read call transcripts created by the Active Insights Call Transcription feature

Automated Call Scoring

Use Active Insights post-call scoring scripts to instantly see how agents handle calls. The scoring is automated based on the criteria you set, saving significant time for supervisors. You can create separate scoring scripts for particular types of calls to check for specific information, including:

• Answer time (critical for code calls)
• Accuracy of answer phrase
• Required questions asked
• Proper grammar (such as saying yes instead of yeah or yep)
• Manners (saying please and thank you)
• Pacifying words (such as um, or ah)
• Accuracy of call close

For specialized calls, such as code calls, the scripts can verify that the agent correctly obtained the type of code, patient location, patient status, if the agent announced the code overhead (if required), along with the timing from the answer to initiation and completion of paging.

Call Transcription

Transcribe recorded calls into text with the optional Call Transcription feature. Each call transcript includes a full conversation summary and a detailed record that shows who is speaking.

Message Storage and Analytics

The Messages page lets you browse and select saved messages in the Active Insights Cloud Storage. You can set filters on the contents of the message to find specific messages based on the agent who took the message, when the message was taken, and where the message was sent. A Message Information page can be accessed for each message, allowing users to view details about the Message’s data, history, and script events.

Secure Cloud Storage

The Active Insights platform enables messages, call statistics, and call log recordings to be saved to 1Call-managed Cloud Storage. The Active Insights web portal provides options to save your call log screen capture and audio recordings to the Active Insights Cloud Call Log. A Storage page provides detailed cloud storage information that enables you to track your organization’s cloud storage utilization.