Call Center Scripting

Our scripting software is designed to automatically detect call flow and determine scripting options based on an organization’s protocols. Call flow scripts help reduce operator errors and enhance the patient experience with effective communications.

Call Center Scripting

1Call’s scripting software is fully customizable to efficiently guide operators through scripts to help patients and medical staff with appointments, physician referrals, prescription renewals, scheduling, research, crises and emergencies, facility directions, take messages for physicians, staff, and departments, and much more. 

Call center scripting software helps to streamline enterprise-wide hospital communications and processes, as well as the following benefits:

  • Reduces operator errors.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity for better patient experience.
  • Speeds call processing.
  • Ensures professional call handling.
  • Provides accurate information.
  • Includes detailed reporting analytics.
  • Delivers a fast ROI.

Discover how our scripting software can reduce your medical call center's error rate, improve metrics, and enhance the patient experience.

Drag-and-Drop Call Scripting Tool

Pre-program intuitive call flow scripts with our drag-and-drop scripting tool to write customized scripts for  any type of call - even emergency situations. The call scripting tool is easy to use so that staff with limited or no experience can use it.

After programming, the system automatically detects call flow and determines the scripting options for operators based on your protocols. Call center agents read the prompts and follow the script.

Call Flow Script

1Call features intuitive call flow navigation that effortlessly guides your agents through each call, and provides them with a customized script. Call flow scripts also reduce training time because protocols can be built into navigation scripts to remove guesswork. Operators simply fill in the caller’s responses and the script automatically navigates to the next appropriate question. This is ideal for deciding which department or physician should receive calls, determining if calls are urgent, handling code calls, staffing, automatic age calculations and many other options. 

Handling calls quickly and correctly is of utmost importance. Color-coding helps agents instantly identify call types, and time-of-day and day-of week messaging and dispatching ensures the correct navigation script and dispatch options are displayed.

Call flow script is perfect for:

  • Main numbers.
  • Code calls.
  • On-call scheduling.
  • Paging.
  • Nurse triage.
  • Physician referrals.
  • Physician-to-physician referrals.
  • Physician answering services.
  • Consultations. 
  • Scheduling.
  • Admissions/Pre-registration.
  • Patient information.
  • Patient transport.
  • Class/training registrations.
  • Help desk.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys.

1Call Customer Testimonials - Call Center Scripting

“I've seen some competitor products, and what I really love about Amtelco as a whole is the scripted piece allows you to do a lot of programing without actually needing to do much coding. So it's a really good bridge between the individuals that want to build these advanced programs but (do) not have any IS skills. ~Rossi Fraenkel, Business Analytics Team Lead, Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN

“The difference with IS is that you put all the programming and decision making on the backside so that an operator can be hired and within 12 hours, they're taking calls.” ~Holly Ritchison, Former Communications Manager, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE