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From hospital call center customer case studies and web-based communication white papers, to HIPAA-compliant secure messaging tips, there's something for everyone who wants to improve clinical communications in 1Call's resources library.

White Papers

Better Call Management with Advanced Contact Center Software

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Call center manager.

Improving On-Call Coverage and Management with miTeamWeb

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Group of on-call medical staff.

How Does MergeComm Work?

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Programming code.

Call Center Software Improves Patient Transfer Center Workflows

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Hospital staff transfer a patient between rooms.

Determining the Right Time to Upgrade Your Communication System

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IT engineers look at equipment in a server room.

Keeping Patient Health Information Safe with Secure Messaging

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A doctor sends a text containing patient health info using a secure messaging app.

Case Studies

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital: Utilizing miSecureMessages for Efficient HIPAA-Compliant Communications

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Utilizing miSecureMessages for Efficient HIPAA-Compliant Communications

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