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Everyone knows how frustrating it is when technology doesn't function correctly. In healthcare, systems that don't communicate properly can mean life or death. Our custom call center software is intuitive to use, provides operator scripting to guide agents through complicated calls, and can even bridge communication gaps between disparate technologies to provide better interoperability.


Communications failure is not an option for hospital call centers. If a customer of ours has a technical issue, 90% of the time it only takes one call to our 24/7/365 service department to resolve it. We don’t treat our customers like numbers with support tickets, tier our support, or give them ultimatums to increase the length of their support agreement. All customers receive the same quick, professional service from our in-house customer support staff who have an average tenure of 16 years with our company.


Hospital call center agents are also healthcare heroes and work hard to provide excellent assistance to both patients and medical staff. We are proud of our customers and have a responsibility to provide them with reliable, HIPAA-compliant call center software. The 1Call healthcare division of Amtelco began in 1997 and we now have hundreds of customers from around the world.

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