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How does working remotely and the increased popularity of telehealth impact the need for secure messaging integrating with personal devices while keeping electronic patient health information safe?

Call Processing Application Now Rated “Avaya Compliant” Compatible with Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS Solutions

When the healthcare industry experiences a data breach, it is far more costly than other industries.

Burnout in the medical profession is devastating and can lead to depression, medical errors, high turnover rates, and even suicide.

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Provide Consistent Feedback to Improve Your Agents’ Call Handling with Agent Assessment

If you need an easy way to verify a caller’s name or number, store call recordings for several years, or review how agents handle calls, check out 1Call's Call Log and Unity Voice Logger,

The highly anticipated 6.8 version of our miSecureMessages secure messaging app will be released soon!

Let Your Agents Provide a Perfect Answer Every Time

1Call is pleased to announce that the Wisconsin State Journal named Amtelco as a winner of the Madison, WI Top Workplaces 2021 Award.

OCR audits result in millions of dollars in penalties and incurred costs, which can be devastating to covered entities as well as their business associates. The minimum fine is $100 per violation and can go up to $50,000 per violation.

Do you need a better way for physicians and staff to contact each other?
It’s time for Smart Paging!

Contact centers are one of the most efficient ways to manage remote patient monitoring (RPM), which is a growing need in today's medical climate. RPM helps patients to be more engaged in their care, allows for greater continuity of care, and dramatically improves accessibility and accountability.

1Call Announces that Amtelco has Received a U.S. Patent for Auditing Communication Sessions

1Call Announces that Amtelco has Received a U.S. Patent for Speech-Enabled Scripting

Emergency departments (ED) in the United States began around 1880 as accident services provided through a workman’s compensation plan. Today, it’s common for healthcare organizations to have an ED within their hospital building, with dedicated staff, that offers critical and indispensable care to approximately 139 million Americans who go to the emergency room each year.

Are your callers tired of waiting on hold? It’s time for Scheduled Callback!

HIPPA and HITECH-compliant miSecureMessages helps hospitals and clinics unify their communications and streamline care team coordination by enabling staff to easily share texts, photos, audio files, and videos for secure, accurate communication while protecting electronic patient health information (ePHI). The app also integrates with existing hospital alert software to help reduce notification time when an emergency code occurs.