A hospital patient speaks on the phone while recovering in his room.

What is 1Call’s “Patient Follow Me” Feature?

When a patient is admitted into your hospital’s organization, they may be moved from one room to another while waiting for tests and procedures, and during recovery. Patient Follow Me assigns a fixed phone number to each patient that will follow them for the duration of their stay.

Associating each patient with one phone number helps:

  • Ease the stress of family and friends who are trying to find their loved one when they are transferred to a different room.
  • Streamline the communication process for anyone on the patient’s care team.
  • Reduce the number of calls to your hospital call center.

How Does Patient Follow Me Work?

As soon as a patient is admitted, a phone number can be assigned automatically using 1Call’s MergeComm integration engine with an HL7 interface, or it can be manually assigned by an agent using a 1Call Script that finds an available phone number. 

Once a number has been identified, incoming calls are transferred or patched to the patient’s room (providing they are allowed to receive calls there and depending upon your organization’s specific setup and needs) using a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone number.

Call center supervisors can view which DID phone numbers are currently available, in use, or on hold. When searching for phone numbers, they can:

  • Verify the name of the patient the number is assigned to.
  • Flag phone numbers as available for use.
  • Remove the hold status from a specific phone number.

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