Spotlight - 1Call Customer Service Testimonials

Spotlight: 1Call Customer Service Testimonials

Each 1Call system is backed with our own in-house field engineering and customer service departments that are dedicated to making sure our customer’s systems are running smoothly year after year. We also offer contracted services for guidance and advice about best practices when large communications projects, mergers, technology updates, acquisitions, and more are planned for medical call centers. This month we are featuring our phenomenal departments by highlighting some testimonials from a few customers.

Alicia Wise, IS Project Coordinator for AnMed Health in Anderson, SC – “I've worked with various vendors in the past for different software features. I have found that 1Call’s training and service departments are far superior to a lot of their competitors and to a lot of other vendors. You immediately receive a response when you initiate a call, whether it's by phone or by email. You have someone call you right back. There's just no comparison. They're friendly, you know people by name, and it's just a great company to do business with.”

Kathy Mealer, IS Manager for West Tennessee Healthcare – “1Call has been fantastic. They have been more of a business partner than I think any vendor I've ever dealt with, and I've worked in IT for over 30 years.”

Rossi Fraenkel, Business Analyst Team Lead for Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN – “A lot of people rely on 1Call trainers because they do provide great quality. 1Call's service department provides really great work. It's one of the things that I love about working with 1Call. They're a small company and when you work with them, you can tell that they do care about your problem and that they're willing to listen to you no matter what your request is.”

Jody Williams, Call Center Systems Administrator for State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University – “Working with the trainers and the field service has been great. When we first started, I couldn't imagine how we'd be able to work with trainers when they're so far away. But whenever we need assistance, most of the time it's just an email back with an answer, and that's all we need. If we need something more hands-on, they can remote into my station and they can see what I see. It's been really helpful.”