Remote Operators Work From Home During COVID-19

Remote Operators Work From Home During COVID-19

One of the benefits of running a call center in a virtual server environment, or in the cloud, is the ability to use home-based operators. Remote operators are playing a crucial role for hospitals during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Communications software and virtual operator applications make working from home easy. These tools are scalable and offer fully functioning call handling to transform any personal computer into a professional telephone agent station which can be accessed through the Internet or local intranet.

A cloud-based messaging system is omni-channel and offers flexibility and efficiency. A VPN connection is established for remote operators to ensure their connection is secure. The data connection can be established via direct connection, remote desktop, thin client, Citrix, and VDI; and an audio connection via integrated audio or external audio. 1Call customer, Jennie McWhorter, Information Services Operations Manager for Ephraim McDowell Health in Danville, KY says, “Using Soft Agent at home through a VPN connection in order to be of assistance when needed due to staff cutbacks. This is happening now WITHOUT a remote audio connection. The new version of Soft Agent allows us to handle audio both ways without an external audio source!”

News and procedures regarding the coronavirus outbreak is happening quickly. Custom call center scripting guides remote operators through each call with the exact information they need to provide about the latest information regarding COVID-19. The ability to easily edit scripting protocols means frontline operators, working from any location, will know the most up-to-date information to provide the best caller experience and reduce errors or misinformation. Jennie comments, “We are also utilizing the operators as a hub to our COVID-19 hotline so the community can dial the number they already know and find what they want through our 24/7 operators.”

It is crucial that staff who are working remotely have IT support. “We have entered a ‘Telehealth Support Hotline’ in the software that allows the operators to connect to our Help Desk directly,” says Jennie. “This is very important as our main Help Desk line is usually a voicemail-only system that creates a ticket in our Help Desk software.”

To assist our customers during this difficult time, we are helping them establish emergency operator positions and are also offering free operator licenses to help accommodate their emergency needs. Contact 1Call if you would like assistance or want to take advantage of our free offer.