Feature of the Month: Agent Assessment

Provide Consistent Feedback to Improve Your Agents’ Call Handling Skills

Utilize the Agent Assessment survey and scoring tool to listen to call recordings and use customized questions to evaluate how agents handle each call.

Agent Assessment uses a web script that you can tailor to include the exact areas you want to evaluate. You can create numerous assessment questionnaires, ensuring you cover the various types of calls that your contact center handles, such as:

  • main number calls to your organization
  • answering service calls for physicians
  •  code calls
  • physician referral calls
  • consultation calls

Using the provided responses, you can give positive feedback to your agents, as well as noting areas where agents can improve. Having multiple reviewers for the same call helps ensure you’re providing consistent and accurate feedback to your agents.

The Agent Assessment feature uses the 1Call Call Log software-based call recording solution. Both the 1Call IS Agent Assessment and the 1Call Call Log are available with Intelligent Series software. A version of Agent Assessment is also available for Infinity systems.

Find out more about Agent Assessment on TechHelper, the online support resource for 1Call and Amtelco customers.