miTeam Web

miTeam Web

Hospitals use miTeamWeb for fast online and mobile access to their On-Call Schedules, Messages, Directories, Status, and much more. miTeamWeb is available using secure browser access from a PC, smartphone, and tablet.

miTeamWeb helps clinical staff quickly find the information they need and has a customizable Home screen to provide fast access to the information they use the most, including other 1Call features such as:

On-Call Schedules
1Call’s On-Call Scheduling makes a hospital’s entire enterprise more efficient. The schedules feature automated real-time updates to keep everyone informed. Staff can use miTeamWeb to view, edit, and create on-call schedules. They also have the ability to copy, override, assign, and unassign schedules. In addition, they can send messages to the current on-call staff.

The miTeamWeb inbox gives users fast access to their messages. Staff can view and reply to messages, and send messages to any of their contacts in the Directory. Users can send messages via:
• miSecureMessages secure, encrypted messaging app
• E-mail
• Pager (WCTP, SNPP, TAP)
• Vocera
• Cisco Wireless phones
• Fax

The 1Call Directories give clinical staff a single source to quickly find the information they need for all clinical contacts. Contacts are displayed, along with their titles, departments, office hours, and various ways to contact them. Staff can quickly search for a contact, and send them a message using any of the contact’s available methods.

Hospital staff can control how they are contacted on different days, at different times, using their Status settings, and miTeamWeb automatically updates how they will be contacted. For each Contact option, users can set the order they are contacted in, along with the number of attempts made for each. They can also set the interval between attempts.

Call Log
The miTeamWeb Call Log lets users view the date and time of recent calls and the total number of calls in the past 24 hours. Staff can also play any call recordings from the 1Call Soft Agent application.

1Call keeps track of communications in a hospital’s call center, helping them to maintain complete and accurate statistics. The miTeamWeb Reports option allows users to view and print various reports.

The miTeamWeb Dispatch section lets users view any current dispatch attempts, along with the ability to manage and respond to 1Call MergeComm automated middleware notifications.