1Call Feature of the Month: Contracted Services

A Little Extra Help When You Need It

Whether you’re looking for assistance setting up a few client accounts, or upgrading your entire database, 1Call’s Contracted Services team can help you!

No-Cost Virtual Assessments

Start off with an in-depth discovery and assessment of your system by the 1Call Contracted Services team. You’ll receive a detailed report that includes:

  • Recommendations of Best Practices
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Timelines
  • Road Map for the process

Types of Contracted Services Available

The 1Call team can upgrade your legacy client accounts to Contact-Based Architecture (CBA), Intelligent Series (IS) and the newest contact center software. This includes bringing your 1Call Directories, On-Call Schedules, miSecureMessages data, and miTeamWeb information up to date.

If you are adding new client accounts, or if you need help merging departments, you can count on the 1Call Contracted Services team to provide these services.

Customize your plan to select the specific areas where you need help, and 1Call will work with you to create an action plan.

A Growing Team

The 1Call Contracted Services team has an impressive amount of experience in the communications industry. To keep up with increasing customer inquiries, two new members recently joined the team, adding more resources to help 1Call customers.

Why Choose 1Call’s Contracted Services?

Rest assured with 1Call’s well-deserved reputation for quality customer service. 1Call has the trained resources and expertise to help you with your 1Call product needs.

You can trust your clientele database with 1Call’s HIPAA-trained staff. You’ll save on labor expenses, training time, insurance fees, and other full-time employee expenses.

Let’s Get Started!

Learn more about Contracted Services, and then contact 1Call's Contracted Services team today!