A contact center supervisor assesses the performance of her agents.

The Importance of Agent Assessment in a Hospital Contact Center

Excellent patient care and a positive patient experience is the top priority for healthcare systems. It is also an important business aspect because the feedback a system receives from patient surveys can negatively affect their reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Hospital call center operators preform a variety of important tasks, often helping patient callers in high-stress situations, so a patient’s perception of a healthcare organization is also influenced by the experiences they have with the call center agents.

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It is important for contact center supervisors to have the ability to assess their operators performance and provide guidance to improve service. Our Agent Assessment feature is a customizable survey and scoring tool for assessing agent performance on individual calls. It helps you provide consistent feedback to your agents because you have access to the detailed statistics you need to efficiently run your contact center. 

The Agent Assessment screen displays data about recent assessment scores including the name of the agent who was assessed, who assessed the agent, the name of the caller, the score the agent received, the date the call was taken, and the total length of the call. 

Supervisors can listen to call recordings and answer customized questions to evaluate how agents handle each call. Agent Assessment uses a web script that you can tailor to include the exact areas you want to evaluate. You can create numerous assessment questionnaires, ensuring you cover the various types of calls that your contact center handles, such as main number calls to your organization, answering service calls for physicians, code calls, physician referral calls, consultations, and more. 

The tool makes it easy for supervisors to create new assessments, add and remove questions, customize the weight of questions, edit questions, specify which assessments are used for which callers, and set a default assessment if one is not assigned. All of these functions can be performed from the user-friendly interface without having to access the database directly or modify the script itself.

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When complete, the questionnaire can be automatically sent via e-mail or fax. Using the provided details, you can give positive feedback to your agents, as well as noting areas where agents can improve. Having multiple people review the same call helps ensure you’re providing consistent and accurate feedback. 

The technology used by a healthcare organization’s call center can ultimately help improve patient satisfaction and help avoid reimbursement issues.

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