1Call Feature of the Month: Holiday Settings

Get Your 1Call System Ready for the Holidays!

Now is an ideal time to ensure that your system and clients are set up for the upcoming holidays. (You’ll also see how to use Holiday settings for other purposes!)

Holiday Settings

Believe it or not, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. A little prep work now will lead to less stress over the next few months.

How do you manage holiday settings for your various departments and physician groups? While you are probably aware of the System Holiday settings, did you know that you can also create custom Client Holidays? And that you can exclude specific Clients, such as departments or physician groups, from System Holidays?

You can schedule system-wide Holidays observed by a majority of your departments and physician groups, and add custom Client Holidays that apply only to specific groups.  

Step 1: Set Up the System Holiday Schedule

First, add (or update) your list of Holidays in the System Schedule, including the date, and start and end times for each. This controls when the system automatically goes into Holiday mode and when it ends.

Step 2: Set Up Holidays for Clients

Next, in the Client Setup for Holidays, you can select the Holidays observed for each Client.

Settings Affected by Holidays

When the system is in Holiday mode, here’s what can change:

  • Greetings – callers hear the prerecorded Holiday greeting, such as “Our office is currently closed. Please leave a message, and we will contact you when we return.” (Click here to watch 'Configuring Holiday Greetings' on the TechHelper Video Library.)
  • Scripts – controls items such as the prompts displayed to agents, along with special dispatching rules when in Holiday mode.
  • Directory Status - follows Holiday settings for contacting physicians and staff.

Excluding Clients from System Holidays

For some holidays, you may want to prevent some Clients from following Holiday settings, such as calls for your main hospital lines that follow the same protocols every day of the year.

To exclude a Client from a Holiday, select the ‘Exempt from System Holiday’ setting in the Client Setup General Info page.

Special Uses for Holiday Settings

You can also create custom holidays for specific events, such as an office party for a department or in rare circumstances such as a severe weather event. You could also use Holiday settings for times when large groups of personnel are out of the office, such as during the upcoming cold and flu season or for the Covid pandemic.

Manually Setting System Holiday Mode

In addition to scheduled Holidays, you can put the system into Holiday mode immediately by simply selecting the ‘Toggle Holiday’ button on the System Setup Holiday page. You always see if Holiday Mode is currently On or Off.

Special Holiday Settings

If you have special requests, such as a department working only in the morning on a scheduled Holiday, you can use custom holiday settings or even a script to handle these particular circumstances.

Find out more

Learn more about Holiday Settings on TechHelper, the online support resource for 1Call and Amtelco customers. You can also contact 1Call today for more information!