1Call Feature of the Month: Conference Bridge

The Easy Way to Create Conference Calls

Looking for an easy way to connect your care teams on a conference call?
You’ve found it: the updated 1Call Conference Bridge

Save time for your staff and save money for your organization when you use your existing telephony to create conference calls. Use the 1Call Conference Bridge to handle concurrent multi-party conferences, complete with premium voice quality.

The updated 1Call Conference Bridge is available with the new Intelligent Series (IS) Version 5.5 Update, and includes many of the features previously available with the Infinity Conference Bridge, such as:

  • Conference recordings
  • Passcodes for moderators
  • Customizable bridge names
  • Manually adding participants

In addition to these, enhanced features available with the IS 5.5 Conference Bridge include:

  • Displaying the ANI of participants
  • Managing the total number of participants for each bridge
  • Passcodes for attendees (optional)
  • Adding customizable notes about conference participants
  • Displaying the date and time the bridge was initiated

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