Customer Support and Training

Customer Support and Training

After more than 20 years of helping hospital call centers with their communication technology needs, we understand that investing in and maintaining a communication system in healthcare requires a significant commitment of staff time and resources.

We are proud to partner with hospitals to improve clinical communications and increase operator accuracy to ultimately help healthcare professionals save lives. Our customers know their success is important to us and we are available for support, training, and guidance.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of video testimonials from some of our customers. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

Rossi Fraenkel, Business Team Lead
Allina Health
Minneapolis, MN
“Sometimes when you work with a lot of larger vendors, you're put in a queue and you're not going to get great service. Maybe next week they'll get back to you. But with Amtelco, if it's an emergency, they're going to get back to you right away, when you need the help. You do your best to respect that and to keep that relationship prioritized in working with them.”

Kathy Mealer, Information Services Manager
West Tennessee Healthcare
Medina, TN
“They have treated our customers, our end users, with the utmost respect. They understand that it's a difficult process, a lot of change, and they've tried their best to make it as easy as possible. It's been so helpful.”

Holly Ritchison, Former Communications Manager
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
Omaha, NE
“I can't say enough about Amtelco overall. I've worked with them for many years. But their service and training department is just really awesome. I'm kind of one of those people who I need an answer right now. I'm working on something and I don't want to wait. I can send an email to service@amtelco (link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail) and within two minutes I'm getting a response to my email or a phone call. I think that's just incredible in this day and age.”

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