1Call Feature of the Month: Intelligent Series 5.5 Release

Check Out the Features Available in the New Intelligent Series Version 5.5 Release

The new Intelligent Series (IS) 5.5 release offers many innovative enhancements, including:

Conference Bridge
Save money when you easily create concurrent multi-party conferences using your existing telephony. The new Conference Bridge includes many of the features previously available, such as conference recordings, customizable bridge names, and manually adding participants to conferences. Additional features now available include displaying ANI for participants, managing the total number of participants for each bridge, muting an attendee or the entire conference, and disconnecting individual participants from a conference.

Single Sign-On
The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature saves time by providing single sign-on authentication with SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) or ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).
Artificial Intelligence
Save time for both callers and agents with Artificial Intelligence. Using this feature, calls are directed to the most qualified agent available using prior call history combined with machine learning algorithms.
Script Event Tracker
The new Script Event Tracker gives supervisors detailed information about each step that a script performs, including what happened with and without agent involvement. This provides valuable information about call handling, making it an extremely useful tool for evaluating the efficiency of your scripts, and investigating what happened on a particular call.

Calendar Appointment with On-Call Shift Reminder
You can now include a calendar appointment attachment with on-call shift reminders, making it easy for on-call personnel to add these to their personal calendars. The attachment is an iCal or iCalendar file that can be used with most calendar applications.

Park Orbit
Use the Park Orbit feature to help connect a caller with someone that is away from their phone, but still in the building. To use this, the agent parks the caller to a Park Orbit extension, and pages the contact to call that specific extension while the caller waits on hold. The paged contact calls the orbit extension to speak to the caller, send the caller to voice mail, or send the caller back to the agent.

More Spell Check Languages
The Intelligent Messaging scripts now support Dutch, French, and Spanish spell check dictionaries.

Customizable Music on Hold
New music on hold settings let you configure the music a caller hears when placed on hold. You can now add, edit, delete, and reorganize your system music list and custom music streams.

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