Call Flow Scripting Testimonial

Call Flow Scripting for Hospital Call Centers

Our call flow scripting solution automatically detects call flow and determines the scripting options for your operators based on your protocols. Scripts can be based on any information that is required including scripts for appointments, physician referrals, prescription renewal, scheduling, research, crises and emergencies, facility directions, and much more.

Hospital call center operators handle a variety of calls, many of which are helping people in high-stress situations. Call scripting helps guide agents through calls so they can quickly get pertinent information from their callers. In healthcare, time and accuracy can save lives. Hear what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with 1Call’s scripting software in the below video. Thanks to our wonderful customers who agreed to participate!

“IS scripting, I think, is one of the main selling points from 1Call/Amtelco's products. I've seen some competitor products, and what I really love about Amtelco as a whole is the scripted piece allows you to do a lot of programing without actually needing to do much coding. So it's a really good bridge between the individuals that want to build these advanced programs but not have any IS skills.”

Rossi Fraenkel, Business Analytics Team Lead
Allina Health
Minneapolis, MN

"The difference with IS (scripting) is that you put all the programming and decision making on the backside so that an operator can be hired and within 12 hours, they're taking calls. What we've done with our emergency code calls is tried to make all of them very consistent but yet customized for what each code is requiring, because when an operator gets a code call, the anxiety level goes up immediately and there's some decision making that they need to take care of."

Holly Ritchison, Former Communications Manager
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
Omaha, NE