Feature of the Month: Auto Scheduler

Auto Scheduler - The Easy Way to Create On-Call Schedules

If you’re looking for an easier way to create on-call schedules, check out Auto Scheduler, the 1Call Feature of the Month!
The 1Call Auto Scheduler web-based resource scheduling engine simplifies the process of creating the complex on-call schedules your care teams and departments need, saving countless hours every year. Auto Scheduler is completely customizable, and incorporates Shift, Role, and Rule settings for each of your Resources to automatically assign resources to your schedules.
Auto Scheduler includes scheduling widgets that show assigned and unassigned shifts, average hours, resource details, and more. Each user can select which widgets to display, and customize the location and size of the widgets. They can also see information for their entire group along with a personal view of their own schedules.  
The schedules are available to your entire enterprise, helping ensure your agents and staff always contact the scheduled team members using their preferred contact method, based on the current day and time. Any updates made in Auto Scheduler are available in real-time.
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