1Call’s Call Center Link App Now Available in Epic’s Connection Hub

1Call’s Call Center Link App Now Available in Epic’s Connection Hub

MCFARLAND, Wisconsin – March 6, 2023 — 1Call, a division of Amtelco, today announced its Call Center Link application is now available in Epic’s Connection Hub. The application can reduce call times and help provide a better patient experience by integrating its hospital call center software with a hospital's Epic electronic health record (EHR) system.

Call Center Link is a bridge to connect healthcare communication systems, empowering healthcare call center agents to provide better and faster service. Call Center Link uses the data attached to incoming calls to match callers to patient records, streamlining patient look-up for efficient access and reducing the possibility of error. When a call is received, the system automatically launches the matching patient’s record within Epic.

“Call Center Link offers a critical timesaving and error-reducing tool to call center operators that helps streamline workflows and improves the patient experience,” said Kevin Beale, Vice President for Software, Research and Development at Amtelco/1Call. “We are excited to make our communication software integration solutions more easily accessible for the many hospitals and health systems that use Epic. We believe this is an important milestone toward our ‘Why 1Call Helps’ mission of improving hospital communication and interoperability to provide better patient care.”

The easy-to-use Call Center Link API streamlines patient look-up in the electronic medical record (EMR). This API facilitates efficient patient record access by leveraging caller ID technology to match incoming calls with the patient contact information in Epic's EHR system. When a call from a known phone number is received, the system is triggered to automatically launch the patient's EMR on the operator's screen. Visit the Call Center Link listing on Epic’s Connection Hub to learn more.

About 1Call

The 1Call Division of Amtelco is a leader in developing software solutions and applications created for the specific needs of the healthcare contact center marketplace. 1Call features a complete line of modular solutions specifically designed to streamline enterprise-wide communications, save an organization’s limited resources, improve efficiency, and help bring wellness to their patients. Recent additions include the Active Insights platform to provide access to 1Call’s cloud-based products, the MergeComm integration engine to provide interoperability to disparate notification software, and the miSecureMessages secure smartphone paging and two-way messaging app.