1Call Offers Free Licensing to Customers

Helping Our Partners in Healthcare

1Call Offers Free Licensing to Customers + Advice on How to Optimize Their 1Call Solutions to Perform Efficiently During COVID-19 Crisis

1Call has recently expanded its mission statement, adding “It’s All About the Why.” This has been implemented company-wide to reaffirm the reasons Why we do what we do through the original company motto created in 1976 - to provide the most innovative solutions backed by the industry’s best customer support.

Now more than ever we are coming together to figure out ways in which to help our customers who are experiencing higher than normal activity in their respective hospitals and healthcare systems. Why? Because we have the power to help make a difference in their daily lives and the communities they serve during this time of uncertainty.

To help, 1Call is offering free operator, supervisor, and call recording licenses to all customers to assist with the increased call volumes because of the COVID-19 virus. We are also advising our customers on how to leverage their existing 1Call solutions during this crisis. Examples include:

  • Implementing a work from home model using our concurrent licensing structure and free additional licensing offer
  • Creating new custom Codes specific to COVID-19
  • Utilizing our inherent skills-based call routing tool to ensure specific calls are getting to the right operators
  • Producing new scripted workflows to help guide new operators through any scenario
  • Leveraging group messaging and mass notification capabilities, which references Directory listings, On-Call schedules, Statuses, and Preferred Contact Methods
  • Recording new automated greetings and pre-call announcements to guide callers to the appropriate departments

Through in-house development ensuring all 1Call solutions work in unison with each other, and a customer care team averaging 17 years with 1Call, we are confident our customers will have the tools and support they need to get through this difficult time.

This is the time for healthcare communication solutions to shine, and this is #Why1CallHelps.

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