1Call Feature of the Month: Active Insights - Your New Call Quality Management Solution

Active Insights - Your New Call Quality Management Solution

Active Insights is a secure, cloud-based platform that provides access to call, message, and speech analytics. Use Active Insights to quickly find detailed information about calls and agent performance, complete with automated call scoring. You’ll find that Active Insights is user-friendly, fast and easy to deploy, and gives you accurate insights about your overall call handling.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks with Automated Call Scoring

Use customized call scoring scripts to automatically rate calls, saving time for managers while creating impartial scores for agents. Create unique scripts for each type of call you handle, such as code calls, patient transfer calls, and physician answering service calls. The scripts help you focus on the crucial details for each type of call, such as requesting a location on code calls. As part of the script, you can designate the number of points for each item, such as 5 points for asking for a last name, and 10 points for asking about the patient's condition. Active Insights shows the score for each part, instantly showing you how well agents are handling calls.

Easily Locate Specific Calls Using Comprehensive Search Options

Active Insight helps you quickly find calls using a wide range of search criteria, which makes it possible to find any calls taken:

  • by a particular agent
  • on a specified date and time
  • for an individual physician or medical group
  • that include a specific phrase, such as pulmonary

Extensive Call Review Capabilities

Once you locate the desired call, you can see and hear precisely what happened on that call. A color-coded waveform graph shows when the agent and caller were speaking. You can also view the recording of the agent’s screen as you listen to the call, read the call transcription, and see the individual scores for each item in the script. This helps you confirm that the call quality is up to the standards you expect and makes it easy to identify and address any issues.

Providing Feedback to Agents

Use the unbiased feedback from Active Insights to give your agents positive feedback in areas where they excel, along with suggestions for areas where they can improve. Since the scripts provide details on specific areas, such as whether an agent completed an overhead page on a code call, you have the opportunity to congratulate agents, along with strategies for handling future calls.

Learn More

Find out more about Active Insights on the Call Metrics page, and then contact your 1Call Sales Manager today for a personal demo to see how Active Insights is your comprehensive solution for call quality management!