1Call Feature of the Month: 2022 Recap

1Call Feature of the Month: 2022 Recap

As we begin our countdown to 2023, let’s take a few moments to review the 1Call Feature of the Month topics we focused on in 2022:


The Intelligent Series (IS) Version 5.5 Release added many powerful features, including the Genesis Conference Bridge, Single Sign-On, Script Event Tracker, Customizable Music on Hold, and many more. Read more


The Genesis Conference Bridge uses your existing telephony to create conference calls, making it easy to connect care teams while saving money for your organization. Read more


miSecureMessages Server Version 6.8 introduced several key features, including High Availability, Shared Device Licenses, Single Sign-On, Protected Dialing, and more. Read more


Two Methods for Efficiently Managing Code Calls includes the direct-to-agent method that uses ACD skills, and the manual code call distribution capability, which makes it possible for agents to quickly locate and retrieve a waiting Code Call. Read more


1Call’s Contracted Services Team can help you set up client accounts, upgrade your database, provide project support, and much more. Start with a no-cost virtual assessment, and receive a report with recommendations and timelines. Read more


IS Client Security makes it possible to limit access to sensitive client information. Using this, you can determine who can and cannot access specific client information in Soft Agent, Web Agent, miTeamWeb, IS Supervisor, and Web Scripts. Read more


Keyword Search helps you quickly find messages based on what was entered in a message script. Begin by saving your keywords, such as patient or caller name, physician name, diagnosis, and procedure, and use the Advanced Search in the IS Call Log to find the specific message. Read more


Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines the log-in process for both IS and miSecureMessages. SSO authentication enables users to log into multiple applications with one set of credentials, saving time and increasing productivity. Read more


Stay Updated with miTeamWeb - now featuring Auto Scheduler! 1Call’s miTeamWeb provides instant information access for your physicians and staff. The new Auto Scheduler automates the process of creating on-call, department, and volunteer staff schedules. Read more


What’s New in 2022? Catch up on the highlights discussed at this year’s 1Call Leadership and Training Seminar! Read more


Future Roadmap for 1Call Solutions from last month’s issue covers enhancements coming in 2023 and beyond! Read more


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