1Call Feature of the Month: 2021 Recap

1Call Feature of the Month: 2021 Recap

As we near the end of another busy year, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the topics we’ve covered for the 1Call Feature of the Month in 2021.

Here’s a look back:


Scheduled Callback eliminates wait time by offering a callback for your callers. When an operator is available, or at the scheduled time, the operator receives the request and can contact the caller. Read more


Smart Paging is a phone-based service that uses the recipient’s current Status to contact physicians and staff. To use Smart Paging, physicians and staff call the Smart Paging extension and enter the identification number for the requested person. Read more


Perfect Answer makes it possible for your agents to prerecord an answer phrase for each Client. When an agent answers a call, the caller hears the Perfect Answer greeting, and the agent can then continue with the call. Read more


Call Log (Intelligent Series), and Unity Voice Logger (Infinity) are software-based call recording solutions that can automatically record all agent involvement with incoming and outgoing calls. Read more


The Agent Assessment survey and scoring tool gives supervisors an efficient way to listen to call recordings and answer customized questions to evaluate how agents handle calls. Read more


Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Screening stops unwanted calls from reaching operators by matching the caller ID in a list of numbers you’ve created, and redirecting the caller to a recording, or simply hanging up. Read more


Auto Scheduler simplifies the process of creating complex on-call schedules for your care teams and departments using Shift, Role, and Rule settings for the available Resources. Read more


MergeComm uses automated notifications to streamline inbound and outbound communications, helping you save time and provide faster responses. Read more


The EZ Waits Monitor is a customizable tool that helps you proactively watch waiting calls, along with all stations logged in, and the calls on each agent’s screen - all in real-time. Read more


Holiday Settings let you control what happens with calls for your Clients when the system is in Holiday mode, including playing special greetings, displaying a special script, and different settings for contacting physicians and staff. Read more


TechHelper is the 24/7/365 online support resource available only for 1Call and Amtelco customers, providing documentation, videos, reference guides, checklists, newsletters, and more. Read more


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The entire 1Call Team wishes each of you and your staff a Merry and Bright Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy 2022! Watch for more Feature of the Month topics in 2022!