1Call Video Testimonial

1Call Customer Testimonials – Hospital Organization Communication

After 20+ years of helping healthcare facilities with their hospital organization communication, 1Call understands that investing in and maintaining a communication system in healthcare requires a significant commitment of staff time and resources.

We are proud to partner with clinics and hospitals to streamline workflows and enhance care team communication.

In this series, we’re posting short snippets of testimonials from some of our customers (see below). Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who agreed to share their experiences on video!

“In general, a lot of people do rely on the trainers because they do provide great quality. Amtelco's service department, I know them all personally and they all provide really great work. It's one of the things that I love about working with Amtelco is that they're a small company and working with them, you can tell that they do care about your problem and that they're willing to listen to you no matter what your request is.” ~ Rossi Fraenkel, Business Team Lead with Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN

“We had a little project tying our nurse call system, our Rauland, to the Amtelco and it took a couple different vendors and several hours of conference call with Amtelco and our Rauland nurse call vendor. Amtelco was very professional and helped us out a great deal working with another third-party vendor to get that interface to happen, that TAP protocol to go through. It's been a great efficiency for us.” ~ Luke Barthel, Information Systems Operations Manager with Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar, MN

“Working with the trainers and the field service has been great. When we first started, I couldn't imagine how we'd be able to work with trainers when they're so far away. But whenever we call, most of the time it's just an email back with an answer, and that's all we need. If we need something more hands on, they can remote into my station and they can see what I see. It's been really helpful.” ~ Jody Williams, Data Systems Administrator with SUNY Upstate Medical in Syracuse, NY

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