Web-Based Communication

To ensure effective communication with remote workers healthcare organizations of all sizes must have the right management mindset and the right technology in place.

The use of mobile communication technology in hospitals and clinics has given healthcare workers a way to coordinate care when they are physically away from their co-workers and patients.

miTeamWeb is a mobile-friendly web application that extends the functionality of the Intelligent Series (IS) suite of call center applications across the enterprise and to hand-held devices using just a web browser. The app features customizable widgets that provide access to messages, directories, on-call schedules, call logs, and status schedules in a format that is user friendly on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

How does working remotely and the increased popularity of telehealth impact the need for secure messaging integrating with personal devices while keeping electronic patient health information safe?

One of the first person-to-person connections a patient makes with a healthcare organization is often through a phone call. Whether the caller’s intent is to schedule an appointment, ask a question, or report an emergency, the way an operator handles that call plays a large role in patient care and satisfaction. Every phone call is an opportunity for the operator to uphold an organization’s values and provide excellent service.

Traditionally, remote work for healthcare positions was limited to medical billing, coding and transcription.

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, employees who could do their job remotely were sent home to work – including hospital call center operators.

According to a survey published by the American Hospital Association (AHA) in 2016, there are 3,231 community hospitals in the United States that are a part of a larger hospital system. These sizable healthcare systems are often the result of mergers.

Sometimes a simple visit to your doctor’s office can be more complicated than expected. Typical doctor office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Hospital call centers are playing a critical role in their healthcare organization’s response to the current coronavirus crisis. 1Call is helping with this endeavor by offering free operator licenses to customers during the pandemic.