Web-Based Communication

Supervisors at Providence Swedish discovered that communication breakdowns and delays were happening due to how updated on-call schedules were handled by the system. Their team needed an accurate on-call scheduling solution that made it easy to create, view, and update schedule coverage with easy dispatch.

Our call center software helps to improve the patient’s experience by unifying and simplifying call flows and workflows, regardless of where your office or agents are located

An Interview with Chief Nurse Executive and Healthcare IT Leader Nancy Beale, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., B.C. about how technology can help address the nursing shortage.

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with your organization, which leads to decreased turnover and hiring costs

Web-based communication is fast, secure, improves communication times, adds efficiencies through remote access, and reduces the number of potential errors caused by miscommunication and absences.

Hiring, training, and retaining new employees takes time and resources, but having procedures in place with technology to streamline the experience creates a better experience for both the employer and prospective employees.

1Call’s miTeamWeb gives your physicians and staff fast online and mobile access to essential information using a secure browser. The new Auto Scheduler simplifies the process of creating schedules for on-call, department staff, volunteer staff, and more.

Communication tools can help relieve some of the burden felt by hospital staff by providing more efficient workflows, which results in a better patient experience.

1Call Web Agent v5.5 solution now rated “Avaya Compliant” with Avaya OneCloud™ solutions.

1Call Announces Certification with Cisco CUCM Release 14