Healthcare Communications

Spot the symptoms of an outdated communication system and identify the best time to upgrade. You'll save time, reduce errors, and improve interoperability.

A third-party integration happens when we connect to other applications that have not been built by 1Call. This connection is achieved through Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

Patient Follow Me assigns a fixed phone number to each patient that will follow them for the duration of their hospital stay.

Effective call center software and HIPAA-compliant apps are critical for medical answering services who provide telephone triage.

Call Processing Application Now Rated “Avaya Compliant” Compatible with Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS Solutions

Burnout in the medical profession is devastating and can lead to depression, medical errors, high turnover rates, and even suicide.

If you need an easy way to verify a caller’s name or number, store call recordings for several years, or review how agents handle calls, check out 1Call's Call Log and Unity Voice Logger,

The highly anticipated 6.8 version of our miSecureMessages secure messaging app will be released soon!

Even though the phrase "call center" was first published and recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary in 1983, the origins of call centers date back to the 1960s with the use of answering services. 

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