Call Center Scripting

Technology used by a healthcare organization's contact center should be included in a violence prevention program.

Patient experience leadership should involve their contact centers when planning frictionless patient experience goals. The technology already being used in their call centers, along with well-trained, informed agents, can be leveraged to help the entire enterprise achieve its patient-first goals. 

If you’re looking for a way to locate messages based on what was entered in a message script, the Keyword Search on the Intelligent Series (IS) Call Log makes this both fast and easy.

Handling Code Calls quickly and accurately is essential for reducing response times and providing optimal patient care.

Medical personnel use Smart Paging to instantly locate other staff and learn their current Status, such as In Office, Making Rounds, Out of Office, or On-Call.

Operator scripting has many benefits. Not only does it reduce the numerous errors of the past, it can also automate the process, and give the calls a personal feel. It has enhanced the ability to put protocol in place.