Feature of the Month

Make it easier for your physicians and staff to contact other team members with Smart Paging. The efficient Smart Paging solution is a phone-based service that uses the recipient's status to determine how to reach physicians and staff.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to ensure your system and clients are set up for the upcoming holidays. A little prep work now will lead to less stress over the next few months!

Every healthcare facility strives to provide the best care for their patients. When a patient’s healthcare needs change, transferring the patient to a different facility sometimes becomes the best choice. While transferring a patient in or out of your facility can sometimes seem overwhelming, 1Call has the tools to help you through the process.

Last month’s Feature of the Month covered how to Send Callers to the Most Qualified Agent Using ACD Skill Groups. 1Call’s powerful, built-in ACD makes it possible for you to set up a wide variety of skill groups, helping quickly direct callers to the most qualified agent.

Quickly directing callers to an agent for assistance helps your organization provide better patient care. 1Call’s healthcare contact center software includes built-in automatic call distribution (ACD) capabilities with ACD skill groups to help you accurately send callers to an agent trained to help them. This increases efficiency for both callers and agents, helping improve patient satisfaction.

In critical situations, ensuring fast response times is crucial to providing the best care for patients. The innovative 1Call MergeComm integration engine features automated dispatch capabilities to contact personnel quickly.

Active Insights is a secure, cloud-based platform that provides access to call, message, and speech analytics. Use Active Insights to quickly find detailed information about calls and agent performance, complete with automated call scoring. You’ll find that Active Insights is user-friendly, fast and easy to deploy, and gives you accurate insights about your overall call handling.

Provide faster service for your patients by using Park Orbit to connect them with physicians and staff – even when they are away from their offices!

If you’ve ever wondered where ideas for software features come from, would you be surprised to learn that many come directly from 1Call and Amtelco customers? They do!

Now you can streamline the process of contacting on-call personnel with 1Call’s OnCall Connect feature. To use this, physicians, nurses, and staff call an extension, select an on-call resource, and the 1Call Smart Paging feature can contact the resource – all without talking to an operator! OnCall Connect saves time for your physicians, nurses, and staff and helps your personnel respond faster.