Feature of the Month

Quickly contacting personnel to respond to urgent situations is vital to providing better care for your patients. The 1Call MergeComm Integration Engine automates the process by streamlining your inbound and outbound communications.

If you’re looking for an easier way to create on-call schedules, check out Auto Scheduler, the 1Call Feature of the Month!

If you’re looking for a way to stop unwanted calls from reaching your operators, check out ANI Screening, the 1Call Feature of the Month!

Provide Consistent Feedback to Improve Your Agents’ Call Handling with Agent Assessment

If you need an easy way to verify a caller’s name or number, store call recordings for several years, or review how agents handle calls, check out 1Call's Call Log and Unity Voice Logger,

Let Your Agents Provide a Perfect Answer Every Time

Do you need a better way for physicians and staff to contact each other?
It’s time for Smart Paging!

Are your callers tired of waiting on hold? It’s time for Scheduled Callback!