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Call Flow Scripts guide agents through each call to cut down on training time and errors. Accurately and Effectively handle all Call Types including Code Calls.

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Call Center Scripting for Code Calls

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Effective Communications in Healthcare

Hospital Communications

When you want to streamline your communication protocols and workflows to improve the patient experience, it’s imperative that you include your call centers in the process. Hospital call center operators directly correspond with patients and medical staff across enterprises and become a crucial communication link. Our customizable software applications are used by organizations of all sizes, to help overcome communication barriers in healthcare.

Our hospital call center customers report reduced caller wait times, quick and accurate communication with on-call staff, and improved code call handling when using 1Call software. Medical staff rely on our secure messaging app, telehealth capabilities, and EMR integrations that streamline workflows and reduce alarm fatigue.

Healthcare Contact Centers

Hospitals and clinics throughout the world use 1Call’s communication software solutions for hospital switchboards, operators, remote agents, and medical call centers. Our software helps to streamline workflows and improve communications for on-call scheduling and workforce management, personnel directories, emergency notifications, web-based communication, and secure messaging.

Unified Communication System

1Call’s software solutions are also used within care settings to unify your existing communication systems that use patient monitoring, smart hospital technology, and EMR integration to enhance patient care. Our integration engine bridges communication gaps between disparate technologies throughout a healthcare system. This provides improved interoperability and enables data from EMR HL7 messages, ADT messages, smart beds, nurse calls, appointment desks, housekeeping, system-wide alerts and more to be instantly sent to appropriate staff via the technology already used by the organization – such as Vocera badges or IP phones from Cisco and Spectralink, SMS, e-mail, and secure messaging apps.

Secure Care Team Communication

1Call offers a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app called miSecureMessages to protect ePHI while streamlining care team coordination. Staff can easily share texts, photos, videos, or voice recordings. miSecureMessages can seamlessly integrate with existing hospital technology, including nurse call systems, to receive notifications faster. The app can be used on mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Web-Based Communication

Enhance your staff’s collaboration with 1Call’s web-based applications, that give nurses, physicians, and other staff remote access to on-call schedules, staff directories, messages, reports, call logs, and more. Our web-based virtual agent software can turn any personal computer into a professional medical call center agent’s workstation, accessible via the Internet or a hospital’s local intranet. All of the tools used by an agent in a call center are accessible to the virtual agent.

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Why We're Different

The people in our Service Department are located in-house and have an average tenure of 16 years with the company! The work our hospital customers do is incredibly important and we strive to provide superior customer service so they can be successful. Our staff develops great relationships with customers over the years that fosters true business partnerships.

Our communications software is highly customizable to fit the specific needs of a clinic, hospital, or healthcare enterprise. Our Solution Architects and Software staff work with customers and any outside vendor they use, to develop customized solutions.

When a large project is on the horizon, hospital call centers are oftentimes unsure about the cost and liability that comes with hiring employees to complete the venture. Our Contracted Services helps by providing trusted resources and assistance when hospital call centers need to update technologies, are involved in projects such as acquisitions and department mergers, look for advice about best practices, need guidance related to growth and future development, and more.

Seamlessly Connect Physicians and Staff Using 1Call’s Smart Paging

Make it easier for your physicians and staff to contact other team members with Smart Paging. The efficient Smart Paging solution is a phone-based service that uses the recipient's status to determine how to reach physicians and staff.

1Call Feature of the Month: Smart Paging

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A hospital’s contact center platform helps to unify and simplify communications related to on-call schedule management, secure messaging, and automation.

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Amtelco Announces an Apple Interface Redesign for the miSecureMessages App