The University of Tennessee Medical Center

What Our Customers Are Saying...
"The installation by AMTELCO was fabulous and the AMTELCO folks were just great. When I talk to folks, I always compliment AMTELCO’s service. I just feel like the technicians and trainers are always there for me. If I have a question, I just send it off to the trainers and someone always gets back with me. If they can’t answer my question, we set up a time to talk."

Nevada National Guard 92nd Civil Support Team

When a suspicious substance was found in a Las Vegas hotel room on Thursday, February 28, 2008, the Nevada National Guard’s 92nd Civil Support Team (CST) was called for assistance. The substance tested positive for ricin, a poison found naturally in castor beans. 

Soft Agent Solution Available on the Cisco Marketplace

1Call is pleased to announce that the AMTELCO Soft Agent Attendant Console Solution is available on the Cisco Marketplace. AMTELCO is a Cisco Solution Partner member. The Soft Agent Attendant Console Solution is certified with both the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) 8.5, and the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) 9.0 platforms.

Methodist Medical Center of Illinois

Methodist Medical Center wanted to be prepared for any type of situation that might arise. They investigated AMTELCO’s RED ALERT system as a more efficient way to handle disaster conditions and various code calls to their call center.

miSecureMessages Now on Android™ Wearables

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce that miSecureMessages offers “out of the box” functionality on Android™ wearable devices. The Android wearable devices, currently available as smartwatches, are designed to give users faster access to important information, such as notifications from miSecureMessages.

Using Remote Operators to Save Space While Still Providing the Highest Quality Patient Care

For many hospitals, having enough space to operate efficiently is an issue. One of the biggest advantages of the 1Call Infinity system is that it allows receptionists to work from home, making the space otherwise taken up by an on-site call center available for other uses. 

1Call Introduces MergeComm

AMTELCO’s 1Call Division proudly presents MergeComm, an event notification software system designed specifically to merge and expedite enterprise-wide communications in healthcare environments. MergeComm increases safety and improves efficiency by first capturing requests from hospital systems, such as ADT messages, NurseCall messages, alerts, alarms, orders, and e-mails.

Using Automation to Improve Patient Care by Monitoring Pain Pathways

Valley Health is a not-for-profit organization serving the healthcare needs of residents in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Valley Health provides outstanding care to their patients through a system of six hospitals and related facilities, offering patients convenient care that is close to home. 

New Web Site Unveiled for miSecureMessages

1Call is pleased to announce the launch of a new miSecureMessages Web site at miSecureMessages provides secure two-way smart device and secure Web messaging, saving critical time and encrypting messages to meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements.